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At Cutting Edge Grounds Maintenance, we understand that a vibrant garden is the heart of a picturesque outdoor space. Our gardening services in Cardiff are designed to bring your vision to life while providing professional care that ensures the longevity and beauty of your garden. Whether you have a residential garden or a commercial landscape, our expert team of gardeners is dedicated to enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor haven.

Our Gardening Services Include:

  1. Garden Design and Planning: Collaborate with our experienced garden design team to create a personalised plan that reflects your style and preferences. We consider factors such as plant selection, layout, and hardscaping elements to craft a garden that complements your property.
  2. Planting and Transplanting: Let your garden flourish with our planting and transplanting services. We carefully select and position plants to ensure optimal growth, considering factors such as sunlight, soil conditions, and aesthetic harmony.
  3. Soil Enrichment and Fertilisation: Ensure the health of your plants with our soil enrichment and fertilisation services. We analyse soil composition, providing nutrients and amendments to create an optimal growing environment for your garden.
  4. Seasonal Maintenance: Keep your garden in top shape throughout the year with our seasonal maintenance services. From pruning and weeding to mulching and pest control, we address the specific needs of your garden to maintain its beauty in every season.


Rhidian and his Cutting Edge team exceeded my expectations with their impeccable attention to detail, creative flair, and commitment to sustainability, transforming my outdoor space into a breathtaking masterpiece.
Peter Cardiff
Cutting Edge Landscaping never lets us down, their customer service and the quality of their work is second to none. Our grounds haven’t looked this good in years. At last we have found someone who actually cares about gardening, their love and passion for perfection is reflected throughout our entire garden, with attention to detail, that we have not found from any one else before. Our grounds have never looked so good.
S.Thomas Cowbridge
Bring on the BBQ’s with the new fencing and decking we are ready to entertain. After usually making excuses not to host our friends in the summer months we now want them round every weekend to show of! Seriously an A Star service!
Robert Newport